June 6, 2020
Of course, strange attractors are just another description of the relationship between your life and your world. The attractor’s lines are your life, the space all around them is the world – and that space is black only because you still don’t explore it. To start exploring it – that is, to get out successfully from your strange attractor – YOU MUST HAVE A PLACE TO GO. Escaping from a strange attractor is dangerous for those who just want to experience something new, but still don’t know exactly what.

Strange attractors have a gravitational field, which can be tremendously powerful if you just try to sneak through. You need some other gravitational field, stronger than the attractor’s one. And you have to build it. That’s why you should find, and write down, and remember many wishes. All your wishes are out there, far away from the strange attractor of your present life. If all those wishes are yours, they will aggregate and form another attractor. Initially it will be a potential one, a project you build day by day, month by month. But if you keep on building, it will become more and more real, until its reality is as intense as your previous attractor’s reality. Then your new attractor will shape itself to take the place of the previous.


Have you ever looked at yourself from ABOVE?

Some say everyone has an Angel. Perhaps. I learned that everyone IS an Angel and that we do our best when we realize what kind of Angel we are. In this Section you’ll find a little handbook of angelic identities.

The Mind's Tools

Are you sure your mind can’t reach the Milky Way?

It all depends on how you use your mind. It’s rather simple after all: you are the specialist about your own mind; nobody knows it better than you do. I’ll show you WHAT you know about it.


This is a trying time, isn’t it? But a new one.

New epochs can begin like that: with an ordeal. Some people pass through the ordeal and enter into a brand new future. Others don’t even notice the ordeal and think that it is only a setback!