The Mind's Tools/ episode #1


April 23, 2020

There are a lot of worlds. Scientists say that there is one real world made of material things. Believers say that there’s another one, a spiritual one, which only very special people manage to glimpse. 

I have to agree both with scientists and believers, as I haven’t any proof to reject their convictions. But halfway between these two worlds there are also our personal worlds – my world, your world. We made them – I made mine, you made yours, and we are making them every day. It is such wondrous work! Each of us is the director, and the screenwriter, and the director of photography of an uninterrupted movie that each of us calls THE WORLD. And each of us is also the main character in this movie. 

If up to now you have had some doubts about being a genius, forget them all. You must be a genius if you are the author of a whole world. In this section, we shall talk about the way you cope with this task and about the tools you can always use.


Have you ever looked at yourself from ABOVE?

Some say everyone has an Angel. Perhaps. I learned that everyone IS an Angel and that we do our best when we realize what kind of Angel we are. In this Section you’ll find a little handbook of angelic identities.


This is a trying time, isn’t it? But a new one.

New epochs can begin like that: with an ordeal. Some people pass through the ordeal and enter into a brand new future. Others don’t even notice the ordeal and think that it is only a setback!