Insights/ episode #16


May 19, 2020
Finally, the simplest and the most difficult step. What do you think: ARE you or do you HAVE your personal history? I am sure that, when a pleasant human being you just met asks you: "Tell me: Who you are?" You tell him not only your name and family name, and your profession, and your family role, but also your biography - a bit of your personal history. Are you sure that you ARE your past? Does your past explain anything about you? No, it explains something about a person who tried for a long time to BE her or his name, family name, profession and family role, and managed to be only that. And this person is not you. She or he WAS you. You are indescribable. You, fortunately, most likely do not know who you are. You will discover every day who you WILL BE. You will always be new. Answer like that the next time a pleasant human being asks you who you are. And look at the reactions. His reactions, and yours. You may also add: "Let’s discover it together." It will be fascinating.


Have you ever looked at yourself from ABOVE?

Some say everyone has an Angel. Perhaps. I learned that everyone IS an Angel and that we do our best when we realize what kind of Angel we are. In this Section you’ll find a little handbook of angelic identities.

The Mind's Tools

Are you sure your mind can’t reach the Milky Way?

It all depends on how you use your mind. It’s rather simple after all: you are the specialist about your own mind; nobody knows it better than you do. I’ll show you WHAT you know about it.


This is a trying time, isn’t it? But a new one.

New epochs can begin like that: with an ordeal. Some people pass through the ordeal and enter into a brand new future. Others don’t even notice the ordeal and think that it is only a setback!