Insights/ episode #11


May 11, 2020
The next step is much easier if you have managed to be the one who HAS her own name, instead of BEING your name. Besides your first name, you have to cope with your family name. Your family name binds you to a certain number of people whose faces vaguely resemble yours, but whose ideas and beliefs and careers are generally different from yours. If your answer to the question “Who am I?” includes your family name - “I am Lucy Brown”, “I am Jack White”, “I am Igor Sibaldi” – you have some problems which do not belong to you. You may not be aware of that, but the influence of your relatives is transforming your CAN into a MAY.

You CAN do and wish a lot of things, but you MAY not, because those things don’t agree with your relatives’ behavior: maybe the Browns, the Whites, the Sibaldis would not approve. You can ignore them, but in any case their disapproval would be an unconscious burden. What to do? Keep on loving or tolerating your relatives – it is not so hard after all. But when you think within yourself, realize and feel that you simply HAVE your family name, but you ARE not your family name. You ARE a unique person facing the universe. Try to realize this. And while realizing it, write down your feelings before they disappear.


Have you ever looked at yourself from ABOVE?

Some say everyone has an Angel. Perhaps. I learned that everyone IS an Angel and that we do our best when we realize what kind of Angel we are. In this Section you’ll find a little handbook of angelic identities.

The Mind's Tools

Are you sure your mind can’t reach the Milky Way?

It all depends on how you use your mind. It’s rather simple after all: you are the specialist about your own mind; nobody knows it better than you do. I’ll show you WHAT you know about it.


This is a trying time, isn’t it? But a new one.

New epochs can begin like that: with an ordeal. Some people pass through the ordeal and enter into a brand new future. Others don’t even notice the ordeal and think that it is only a setback!