April 23, 2020
Welcome!I am a writer. And this site is a story. Its purpose is to open avenues into adventures in my favorite realms: the mind, heaven, wishes, mythology and some others. One always finds treasures while travelling in those realms, and always has to overcome the most interesting trials of the world: the steps of self-knowledge. Oh, not the knowledge of who you already are. That’s easy. I mean the knowledge of who you can and will be. I always write stories of this kind, even in my most scholarly books. Shall we start?Igor Sibaldi


Are you good at making wishes?

Making wishes is an art. And a very fruitful one. As in every artform, one can’t make masterpieces right away. There are some instructions to learn, some preparatory exercises to do. And we’ll go through them step by step.

School Of Wishes

Here are some humble suggestions to make your Aladdin’s lamp work – to use it to illuminate your mental room.


Have you ever looked at yourself from ABOVE?

Some say everyone has an Angel. Perhaps. I learned that everyone IS an Angel and that we do our best when we realize what kind of Angel we are. In this Section you’ll find a little handbook of angelic identities.

The Mind's Tools

Are you sure your mind can’t reach the Milky Way?

It all depends on how you use your mind. It’s rather simple after all: you are the specialist about your own mind; nobody knows it better than you do. I’ll show you WHAT you know about it.